The Story Behind Gin Barnard

Gin Barnard is all about the journey. It’s reminiscing about the people who made it happen, indulging in the moment and dreaming of the good things still to come. Every sip tells a story, every taste tells a tale to make you smile, laugh and embrace with those loved ones, who are sharing the experience with you. Ben Anderson - Founder and CEO of Gin Barnard: In my case, it evokes memories of the man who made it all possible. My grandad, William Barnard. He was always a creator, and after exploring the sea in his navy days, he became a plumber with his own business, which gave me the motivation to want to start mine. He was also a believer, and he put his trust and faith in me as a young man, that set me on my way to securing my first business venture. I had a notebook full of all my life plans that Grandad helped turn into reality… More than a decade later, I am now producing a high-end gin delivered to you with the personal touch of a family company. I’m hoping you will all share this passion with me and love Gin Barnard as much as I do. Cheers Grandad, this one’s for you.