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Gin Barnard

Created today, inspired by the past.Explore Gin

The Story Behind Gin Barnard

Gin Barnard is all about the journey. It’s reminiscing about the people who made it happen, indulging in the moment and dreaming of the good things still to come.

Every sip tells a story, every taste tells a tale to make you smile, laugh and embrace with those loved ones, who are sharing the experience with you.

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About Us
About Us

Gin Barnard is a premium gin; the gin you have been waiting to taste…

We are all about the small details. We believe the perfect way to enjoy Gin Barnard is to be patient.


Gin Barnard makes for the perfect drink for a variety of occasions whether that be an after work destress, a dinner party with friends, date night or even pre-dinner drinks.

Whatever the occasion - we have you sorted.

Immaculate Presentation


We all love cocktails, right?

Gin Barnard makes for the perfect ingredient, with it’s rosemary and basil flavours, ensuring for a great tasting cocktail, that you won’t be able to resist.

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