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About Us

Gin Barnard is a premium gin, the gin you have been waiting to taste and won’t be able to forget! We are true believers in the fact that small details can make a huge difference. Which is why we have put our heart and soul into crafting the perfect gin for you. The perfect glass of Gin Barnard requires time and patience, just like most good things in life.
From our expertise and experience, we have learnt the perfect tips and tricks to craft the ideal gin for you to enjoy. We promise this has been tried and tested more than a few times! Now let us share our top trick with you..
Pour your Gin Barnard into your glass of choice and add your tonic, now you must let this settle for exactly two minutes. No more, no less. What you are doing here, is giving it time for our carefully handpicked botanicals to infuse with your expertly chosen mixer.
The result will be a simple, smooth and outrageously satisfying glass of Gin Barnard and Tonic. Heaven. But why just take it from us? Pour yourself a generous measure, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Story Behind Gin Barnard

Going back to the beginning… I (Founder and Owner - Ben Anderson) had always been a hard worker and knew that someday I would have a business of my own. I had this drive and motivation from a young age, and I believe this was passed down to me from my Grandad, William Barnard, he was always a creator, and after exploring the sea in his navy days, he became a plumber with his own business, which gave me the motivation to want to start mine. He was also a believer, and he put his trust and faith in me as a young man, that set me on my way to securing my first business venture. I had a notebook full of all my life plans that Grandad helped turn into reality and for that I will be forever grateful.

I couldn’t be more proud to be adding Gin Barnard to the market, More than a decade after my Grandad’s motivation and drive hit me, here I am producing a high-end gin delivered to you with the personal touch of a family company. I’m hoping you will all share this passion with me and love Gin Barnard as much as I do. Cheers Grandad, this one’s for you.

Why choose Gin Barnard?

What makes Gin Barnard different?

Gin Barnard is all about the journey. It’s reminiscing about the people who made it
happen, indulging in the moment and dreaming of the good things still to come. Every
sip tells a story, every taste tells a tale to make you smile, laugh and embrace with
those loved ones, who are sharing the experience with you.
Ben Anderson - Founder and CEO of Gin Barnard: ‘In my case, it evokes memories of
the man who made it all possible. My grandad, William Barnard.’ We hope Gin Barnard
can create those special memories and moments for you too.

More about us

Gin Barnard has been in the process for a while now, but making a gin, like any other business
idea, comes with its struggles along the way. However, we now truly believe that after our hard
work and deduction, we have crafted a perfect product, the taste, the smell, the experience it
comes with - will be something you won’t forget in a hurry. Our aim at Gin Barnard is to ensure
that every sip is as good as the last and from our experience, we can assure you that our
product does just that.

You may have noticed that our branding consists of a navy style boat and like many businesses
our branding has a treasured story behind it. My (Owner and Founder - Ben Anderson) grandad
William Barnard started his days exploring the world by sea as part of the navy. This experience
shaped him into becoming the business man he showed me how to be and therefore, we
wanted to incorporate this into our branding, so that Grandad is always with us, every step of
the journey.